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Why We Love Ouseburn Market!

Since launching Strong Point in late November 2021 we've been given the opportunity to have a trade stall at Ouseburn twice already.

This weekend gone we were lucky enough to be invited back by Project North East to trade at Ouseburn Spring Market. PNE have helped us so much throughout our start-up journey so far and these markets have been one of the highlights!

Meeting people face to face and explaining the concept of the game has helped us understand who we think will enjoy the game and certainly given us a better idea of who our target audience is. Whether it be for themselves or a gift for someone else the reaction from folks has been so positive. It's great knowing the buyer has met you and knows the background behind our story.

The Christmas Market in December was a great event and really opened our eyes to how Strong Point could succeed in the future.

Si managed to hold the fort at the Christmas Market on his own, he appreciated the help from Tracey from PNE on the Saturday, which was the busiest day of the two.

The weather was a bit grim for him, especially on the Sunday but plenty canny local visitors listened to his banter for our new game and some even bought it... literally!

Turned out he has quite the knack for getting people's attention and a decent pitch to go with it. The sales were more than we could have hoped for.

Having just launched the game a week or two earlier we hadn't got around to purchasing a card payment option so we were overwhelmed at the amount of customers prepared to purchase through our website, there and then and just having to just skip the delivery option, as the process wasn't quick.

In comparison, the weekend of the 26th/27th March was the date set for Spring Market and it was much better weather.

We made sure we were more organised this time, we had the table cloth, the cash box, the card machine, some POS and even a couple of fold away chairs in a snazzy football design, admittedly I was unaware of this fact until we rocked up and pulled them out the plain black protective carrying sleeves. They did match the games colour scheme though so it wasn't a big deal. It could have been worse!

I made sure I could come along to both days this time so we were both there together. I could hardly get a word in edgeways but wasn't complaining :D

It was glorious sunshine both days and it made the atmosphere and vibe perfect.

All the traders were in good spirits and it was fantastic just being able to take the time before the event opened to the public to have a walk around and check out what great products were on offer from other fantastic local sellers.

Anyone still on the lookout for a Mothers Day gift was sorted that's for sure!

The Spring Market proved as successful as the Christmas one and we'd definitely be back in the future if we have the opportunity again. We'll also look at attending other markets in the future as it's such a rewarding experience having had so many compliments given. We're proud of our achievements so far so the recognition has been a bonus!

Gill & Si xx

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