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Gill and Si wondering what your strong point is?
Gillian Hauxwell and Simon Evans creators of Strong Point live in the North East of Englan

This is us. 

We are the founders and owners of Strong Point Games Ltd and creators of the game Strong Point. To be honest, we don't think we're really sure how this happened. We had an idea for a game which we thought might be quite good fun and somehow we're now here and you are too!


The whole idea came about during the summer of 2020, when like the rest of the world, we were in the first Covid-19 lockdown. And like millions of people we found new ways to connect and keep ourselves entertained, including virtual quizzes, board games, and quiz nights over Zoom. Where would we have been without Zoom, eh?!

At some point over the summer we started thinking about making our own quiz game, which started out as another idea altogether. Through discussion (generally while we were out running), playing home-made versions and trial and error, that original idea became Strong Point. Once the new idea crystallised more, we began to realise that we were going to need to write more questions. A lot more questions!

So, from that seed of an idea to the creation of the game you are (hopefully) going to enjoy playing, it took more than a year to develop the idea but eventually launched in November 2021.

We hope you enjoy Strong Point and hope you'll find it as much fun to play as we have found it to create. 

Gill & Si 

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