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The Story So Far (or at least part of it)!

Serendipity (noun): the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.

Today marks six months since we launched Strong Point to the world, and what an exciting six months it has been! A lot has happened in that time and as a business we have evolved, adapted and grown in ways we didn't imagine on the day we launched! We expended so much emotional energy and time in the months leading up to the launch, the initial reaction to sharing our game with the world was one of "Phew, we've actually done it!" The six months since then have been a bit of a whirlwind and the six months ahead offer us the biggest and best opportunities so far. But more of that another time.

This is a picture of Adam, the first ever customer to buy Strong Point. I'm not sure how he did it, but Adam managed to buy Strong Point even before we hit the 'publish' button on our Social Media sites to let people know the game was available. Even before we'd sent out emails to people who'd requested release date notifications! Our website shop had only been live a matter of minutes and we got an alert for a sale! We couldn't believe it! How was it even possible?! But Adam being our first sale has some serendipity to it which we couldn't be more happy about.

Strong Point's 'story so far' wouldn't be what it is without him. In order to make our vision of the game become reality we needed funding to secure the initial production run and to obtain that funding we reached out to Transmit Startups. Can you see where this is going?! Luckily for us, Adam became our account manager and he guided us and helped us through the Startup Loan application process through to approval. It felt perfect that he was our first customer, that through chance he happened to check our website at the exact moment we had made our Website store live. Serendipity. It's a wonderful thing.

A few weeks later he was kind enough to send us the picture above, which basically encapsulates completely how we imagine people enjoying the game: a group of family or friends and plenty of wine! The perfect way to enjoy Strong Point!

Then earlier this month we found out that we were on the shortlist for the Startup Business of the Year Award with Startup Awards North East 2022. As part of the Accelerator Programme for the Awards, Transmit were on a panel about funding opportunities and this happened:

Gill couldn't have been more happy to meet our very first customer in person!

There are a few people who have been with us on our journey so far, many since before the official launch six months ago. Adam is one of those people and we really want to celebrate and thank them all. Maybe this will be the first in a series of blogs that feature those who have helped us along the way, so if you are one of those important people, watch out you could be next!

If you are reading this and planning to start your own business Transmit are a brilliant place to start. Find out more here:

To find out more about Startup Awards North East and how they can support new businesses you can visit their website here:

Thanks for reading my waffle, until the next time, have fun and play Strong Point!


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