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Social Media is not my Strong Point!

Yes and if you're wondering that IS a question category in the game!

Day two of setting up the Strong Point's Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages. It's suffice to say I much preferred the design aspect of the game and when it comes to social media I'm no expert... Yet! not one to give up easily :)

It's looking positive now that the website issues we had yesterday are fixed. Thanks to a local guy, Warren at Munki Computer Help our website link works for everyone now and I've also successfully managed to get Strong Point visible in Google Searches. Give it a try .. hopefully you'll see it too.

Facebook I'm fairly comfortable with but then comes all the links from other platforms. We're asking ourselves so many questions. Should you share posts across all accounts? Is that overkill? Who can see it? Who can't see it? The brain is currently as blurred as this selfie..

Twitter was fairly easy to set up although I was locked out for a while for being underage haha. I put a date of birth relevant to the game (one day old) rather than my own date of birth (not one day old is all I'm saying) to then be informed you have to be 13 years old. Sorted now so our Twitter account and username STRONG POINT GAME @Gill_and_Si

Instagram... hmmm my instinct is that it seems to me to be a really great platform for presenting your brand and product, it's looks fun. Trouble is I've not really experimented with it until now. Stories, posts, reels? Definitely going to family & friends who use it for tips and advice on that one.

Si says ' Don't beat yourself up, you've achieved so much in only a few weeks.. building a website from knowing zilch about the process'

On that note, I smiled and agreed with him but the quest to be social media savvy will continue...

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