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Strong Point Customers Have a Say!

Two years ago when we embarked on our Strong Point journey almost everything we had to do was strange and new to us. We'd not done any of it: game design, website, content, question writing, game development, business development, sales and business finance, you name it, we were new to it and we had to learn on the fly to get the game where to it is.

Strong Point is a trivia based card game for families and groups to play
Fun Fact: The first prototype had counters made from the cardboard punchouts in the side of pizza boxes.

Clearly being such novices we made mistakes along the way and we had to learn fast and adapt as we went. Hopefully, for most of the things we haven't quite got right, as customers you don't notice! But some you might and that is why we are always looking for ways to improve Strong Point and add to its value for everyone who plays it.

Now that we have been in business for a while, a lot of those things aren't so strange! And so we are thinking forwards, to Christmas even though I know we are still just about in July (sorry, but this is one of those things we've learned)! We learned from last Christmas that Strong Point is an ideal gift, and perfect for that post-Christmas dinner entertainment! The copies we had in stock sold out so this year we're more prepared.

We are also now currently working very hard to get in place some exciting new things, both for new Strong Point players and for everyone who has already bought a copy of the game, a lot of whom have messaged asking about extra categories because they enjoy and play the game so much they're desperate for more.

piles of Strong Point trivia game category cards with general knowledge questions
100 more categories to add to the original 200

The next major development we have planned is the introduction of the first expansion pack of question cards. 100 new category cards, an extra 500 questions to show off your Strong Point and prove how well you know the people who are playing the game with you!

What could be better? Well, our customers could have a category suggested by themselves in the game. That could be better, right? We've had an impressive list written for quite a while now with possibilities for the new category cards but what we really wanted was Strong Point customers have a say and get involved, so we ran a little competition back in June.

During the UK Games Expo new customers who bought a copy of the game at our stand were given the chance to fill out a suggestion card and select a category they'd like in the game. At this point they'd not played yet so were unsure if their choices were in the original game. We tried to steer everyone clear of duplicates but some have been unlucky as they slipped in and do already feature unfortunately so won't be in the expansion. Others chose something on our list already which have a chance for sure and a select few picked an entirely unique subject which we'd not thought of. We got excited at the prospect of some of these!

Strong Point A trivia game Box and compontents cards
TV Cartoon Pets - Our personal favourite

We are working hard to complete the final expansion before we can go ahead with production and we'll contacting all the entrants in due course when the final cut is decided. Watch your inbox Expo peeps!

Will theirs be the next category card? We can't guarantee that all the suggestions will feature but we'll be giving a free expansion to the lucky few who do...

We just can't guarantee you'll get that card on your turn though!

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