We'd love your help!

We'd appreciate all the help we can get in making Strong Point the best it can be going forward.

To achieve this we feel that who best to ask for advice but the people who have already purchased and played the game.

We're constantly thinking of ideas to improve the initial 1st Edition of the game, produce new editions and fine tune our manufacturing process. 

Give us your thoughts and we'll use all the feedback we can to make Strong Point a global success!

Here's a couple of questions to start... if you could let us know using the 'Get in Touch' form that would be amazing. Thanks for playing!

Would you make the prediction counters into cards? 

Would you prefer if the existing counters were replaced with predictions cards and if so, would they be best the same shape as all the other cards or a round disc shaped card? 


Do you think the cotton bag is necessary? 

If the counters were replaced, should the drawstring bag still be included to hold prediction cards or would it be seen as unnecessary? 

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