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We'd appreciate all the help we can get in making Strong Point the best it can be going forward.

To achieve this we feel that who best to ask for advice but the people who have already purchased and played the game.

We're constantly thinking of ideas to improve the the game and brainstorming new ideas for the production of expansion packs and new editions. 

Give us your thoughts and we'll use all the feedback we can to make Strong Point the best we can!

If you have an queries or would like to let us know your suggestions either by phone, email or using this feedback form that would be amazing.


Thanks for your support!

Gillian Hauxwell
Simon Evans

Gill:- 07921 669155
Si:- 07538 916634



Tyne & Wear, UK

Gillian Hauxwell and Simon Evans holding Strong Point game
Gillian Hauxwell & Simon Evans Co-creators of Strong Point board game

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