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STRONG POINT is a trivia game that has a unique slant on the typical quiz format, an element to the gameplay that is designed to keep everyone involved and in with a chance of winning.


Yes, it tests your knowledge on a range of different subjects, but uniquely, it also challenges your opponents to test their knowledge of you!

Just as the box says...It’s not just about what you know but who knows what you know…


The premise is simple: a card with a random category is selected and you answer 5 questions about that category. Your opponents, however, secretly predict how many they think you will answer correctly on that category. Is this category one that you could do well on? Do the other players know your Strong Point? 


200 question cards with categories that range from Creepy Crawlies to Charles Dickens, James Bond to Japanese Cooking… 1000 questions that will test your grey cells, and find out if your friends and family really do know you after all!

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