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Finding a New Market (or this antique takes our show on the road)

Gill has been Strong Point's blogger in chief so far, so it's about time I had a go! Following our thoroughly enjoyable and pretty successful attempts at using Ouseburn Market as another way of bringing Strong Point to the world, the weekend of 9th/10th April saw us taking our first venture outside the North-East with a trip to York for the York Artisan Market. I don't think that when we created Strong Point and began our new enterprise we thought for one moment that we would become market traders! But we are learning as we go that when you start a business selling a product that you really believe is great, a lot of unexpected things can happen and you have to be quick to evolve and adapt!

Markets have been a revelation in lots of ways. From my point of view, the best thing about them is without a doubt the face to face interaction with so many people who have shown an interest in our game. Having the opportunity to explain the concept of the game and the story of how we created Strong Point has been fundamental to our successful market experiences. Another revelation is that I didn't realise I was able to channel my inner Del Boy (without the dodgy dealings) quite so easily! Who knew!? All I need now is the sheepskin coat, flat cap and cigar...

Meeting other traders is also rewarding as most of the people we have met whilst doing the markets have been talented, creative people who produce some amazing things. Many are also willing to share contacts and advice to help us improve, grow and avoid mistakes in the future.

Sometimes getting welcome advice from customers can lead to new ideas too! In York we had several customers recommend that we try taking Strong Point to a couple of the local games shops, in particular it was recommended that we speak to a shop in Harrogate called Games Crusade. So our return northwards took us on a little detour (after a little rest and relaxation with family and a nice lodge)! Speaking to the staff of Games Crusade was another learning experience, but another good one, and hopefully this excursion may open up a further avenue in the future. Anyone visiting Harrogate should definitely pay this shop a visit if you get that chance, they stock loads of great board games, well-known ones and plenty of new, independently made games too.

So until the next time, happy gaming!

Si :)

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