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Updated: Oct 19, 2021


It's over a week now since receiving the first 'Strong Point' and having this full print prototype of the game really helped analyse what we were happy with and what could be improved before the print stage. The last few days has been spent putting the finishing touches to the final designs for the game.

We started the weekend with family & friends visiting so not too much time for working on any changes initially as socialising, food & drink were the priority!

It had certainly made it easier deciding on changes though as we'd had a few extra brains around to pick.

Friends came round for an evening of catch-up, cheeseboard & drinks (five bottles later) on the Saturday night. As the night went on, talking about the game lead to playing it and it was fantastic to see how the game lead to such fun & laughter.

Who knew that Romesh Ranganathan was the founder of Ancient Rome! #KnowledgeIsKey #creased

Monday morning Strong Point was invited to a photo shoot for an online Christmas Gift Guide. Rebecca from @LearnSmarta & Nicky from @KGPhotographyatbankstudio were great. Lovely having an hour with them chatting about the game and our plans for the future.

Tuesday evening after a few drinks for Si's birthday I ended up staying up most of the night taking on board everything we'd discussed and finishing the designs and uploading them to the manufacturer the following morning.

All we can do now is wait patiently until the first batch of the game is ready for distribution and let all you know it's available!

Gill (Si will blog eventually too I promise)

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