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Boom! Social Media Day 1

Today we took the first step in revealing Strong Point to a wider audience. A few of our family & friends had known about it, tried it, loved it and now that designs were complete and manufacturing is close we knew the time was right to share to all our friends on Facebook.

We had an amazing response from so many friends who know one or both of us. We're overwhelmed by the messages and interest we've stirred up in just a few hours.

Strong Point has been our secret project for months now, maybe I also focused on London Marathon training, but 26.2 miles later and Strong Point is now my main priority!

Between us we've come up with the whole concept, written over 1200 questions, designed & created our own logo (Si's hand and Gill's artistic flair) and managed to source local companies in the North of England to produce the game.

Watch out for updates on the game launch in the next few weeks.

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