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Hi, We're Gill & Si

We'd love you to learn a bit more about the game & read our story ... the game is the highlight we promise!

Granted, we might be a little biased having created the game ourselves but we're confident that STRONG POINT will be the perfect new addition to your games collection!

It's a simple concept yet very exciting, it tests your knowledge and keeps you immersed in the game even if it's not your turn. Whether you’re having the family round for tea, hosting a dinner party or just having a few friends round for drinks we guarantee it will bring you lots of fun, laughs and enjoyment.

What's Your Strong Point?


Categories cover a wide range of subject areas from Movies and Sport, Music and TV, Literature & History, Geography & The Natural World, Science & technology and More. With questions on different categories as wide ranging as Creepy Crawlies to Charles Dickens and James Bond to Japanese Cooking, the opportunity is there for everyone to test their general knowledge and to show off their Strong Points. With 240 question category cards and 1200 questions in total, Strong Point will keep you and your friends and family entertained and challenged for hours and hours!

Everyone has the chance to demonstrate their Strong Point!

Do you know your opposition's Strong Point!


Have you correctly predicted how many the other players will score on their turn? Even if your Strong Points don’t come up when it’s your turn to pick up a category card, you can still earn points towards victory by predicting how many the other players will get right, so anyone can win!

While sitting around the dining table, slouched in the comfiest seat in the house or while on your travels you can enjoy STRONG POINT anywhere!

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Who We Are

We're Gill & Si, partners living in the North East, just outside Newcastle Upon Tyne in a village called Ryton in Tyne & Wear.

The game was devised and created during lockdown of 2020, we found ourselves, like many people, having quiz nights over Zoom.

The prototype went down a storm and following overwhelmingly positive reactions from our families & friends, we set up Strong Point Games in order to take Strong Point from an idea to a reality...

We created the concept, wrote 1200 questions and Gill designed the Logo and all the games artwork then we found local printers and manufacturers in the North of England to produce the game.

Keeping it UK made we feel we've made a sustainable product, reducing the carbon footprint and the game is plastic free

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We'd love to keep you in the loop about the game, it's journey and the adventures it takes us on!

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